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The Burning Castle

A missing scientist, a castle under siege and its blood thirsty inhabitant all await you in 15th century Transylvania. Can you reach the castle tunnels in time?

The Rift

An underground research facility tore a hole in space-time and your team must infiltrate their lab to reverse their mistake!

Hack into the mainframe, clone your supervisor’s organs, re-route power to the main reactor, and repair the dimensional rift before it’s too late!


Time travel is TOTALLY RAD!

The year is 1989 and you must conquer puzzling security protocols to rebuild a time machine and come back to the future!

WOW! I have been to a few escape rooms, and Time To Escape Denver is hands down THE BEST. I brought a group of 8, and we all felt like we had something to do in the 80’s room. It was challeging and exciting, but unexpected and unpredictable like many of the other escape rooms. You can tell it was very well thought out, and the owner takes great pride in the setting and atistic components, which really makes a difference. Can’t wait to try the other Time To Escape rooms!

Erika H.

Time to Escape was gracious enough to host my team during our team outing and we all had an awesome time! Could not recommend both rooms enough, definitely the best escape room experience I’ve had.

John B.

Free Private Rooms*

Groups of 4 or more enjoy free private rooms at no additional cost. For groups less than 4 the cost is only $3 more per person!

Team Building Events

Allow us to make your next team builder a breeze! Our adventures host up to 26 players at once with flexible scheduling options.

Perfect for All Ages

Our games are designed for players aged 8+ but you can bring the little ones with you free of charge!

What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are live action adventures that require teams to work together to achieve a common goal. They often involve interactive technology, immersive set environments, and tons of fun puzzles and tasks. 

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