Month: October 2017

What is an Escape Room?

So you’ve heard the hype and you’ve seen the photos of your friends lamenting their failure or celebrating their success in besting an escape room.

Were they truly locked in a room? How did they get there? Is Jigsaw a real serial killer out to both terrify and entertain your friends and family?

To explain what an escape room is it’s best to look at the history.

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, a popular point and click game arrived in the gaming community. The premise was simple; you are locked in a room with no explanation and you must find objects and solve puzzles to escape. Typically these games did not have a time limit and involved activities such as finding batteries and putting them in a flash light or decoding a message with symbols instead of recognizable characters.


In the 2010s the first escape room experiences were built in Seattle and San Francisco after franchises began in Japan and Hungary.

By 2016 there were over 900 escape rooms in the United States with more opening every month.


Escape rooms typically do not actually lock you in a confined space with no opportunity to leave. While progress in the room will be barred by puzzles and locks, you should be able to leave if there is an emergency.

Themes range from bank heists, to ancient tombs and puzzles can be based on ciphers, math or even lasers.

The best part of participating in an escape room is the team building aspect. Most rooms require teamwork to escape, so you learn very quickly what your strengths and weaknesses are with working in a group. The thrill of escaping is compounded by having a group with strong communication skills.

So whether you’re looking for an entertaining Friday evening or a team building activity for you and your coworkers, escape rooms are here to confound and thrill you!