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Research Notes: From Vlad the Impaler’s Private Journal

We discovered a clue as to Dr. Adler’s whereabouts. An infamous lord from the 15th century had a journal that was perfectly preserved and contained an enigmatic final entry. We included the text in its entirety below as well as the disturbing photo contained therein.


The thirst for blood drives me now. Rarely do I have the mind to focus on my wife or kingdom.

But a strange occurrence today distracted me from my otherwise immutable hunger.

A man with no hair and strange garb appeared in my castle yard. I know enough of the occult to know he could not be from our land. I took him to my secret chambers where he told me next to nothing about his origins.

He seemed….afraid….

Over and over he repeated

“The light. It’s not from here. It’s not from here!”

I asked him to draw the light for me and this is what he drew.

Never before has our kingdom created or encountered such an object. The man seems to think it is following him. Is this magic or madness?

I do not have time to meditate further. Radu has summoned me with an urgent message. Hopefully this man will not defile my secret study while I am away. He seems to have a penchant for his purple glowing hand torch….

We can only hope that this means Adler was able to leave us a message.

Using Adler’s own technology we have opened a temporary portal to the very location and time period of this journal entry. Will you find Vlad’s secret study and solve the mystery?